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Business culture & communication course 

Do you feel unable to express your ideas at work? Are you anxious in meetings with international clients? Do you worry you sound too direct? Is your English level impacting your career opportunities? 

My one-to-one accelerated 12-week Business English courses will help you overcome these worries, communicate confidently and open up new career opportunities. You will: 

  • Level up your verbal and written business English

  • Master expressions for handling difficult situations

  • Learn how to use and interpret polite language

  • Avoid common errors made by Ukrainian learners

  • Navigate the impact of cultural differences

  • Explore modern day ethics: inclusivity & diversity 

  • Receive optional interview practice 

  • Attend 60-75 minute class per week plus intensive home-study


Having worked in the business world for over 15 years, including large multi-national organisations and running my own company, I have supported hundreds of Ukrainian professionals to progress in their careers. To discuss how I can help you, book a free consultation with me today.

“The business course is really interesting. It will help people to work in an international company. It helped me to move to the next level and the most valuable thing for me was the course was built around my level and my requirements. I have never met this approach before. I feel the course was created for me! And from Anna, I felt that personalisation, impact and desire to improve my English.”


Technical Director

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